Always confused with changing the axis?

Always im confused with the change axis. Im making Copy along axis. Im confused with the way where and which axis to change. After changing will it work. Plz explain me how it will work easy way that will fix in my mind to change axis.

What axis are you changing and why are you changing it?

im making copy array along path . A component that fit in that curve path.

That doesn’t explain which axes you’re changing or why.

How about uploading the SKP file?

I have attached my sample model.axis model.skp (19.5 KB)
In 1st scene the model is lay down to which i have to copy along the path.
In 2nd scene i want that model to be fit in the arc direction and when i change one model with the component it effect all model with remaining on the same axis they are

Dave i have attach another model axis model 1.skp (128.1 KB)

In this scene 2, model is vertical place and i used chris fullmer tools component stringer extension after using the components lay down horizontally. i want the same model which is vertical just to be rotate along the path. So can u tell me what to do and how to change axis to use copy along axis extension.

plz reply for the above file how to change axis?

turn on the axis when trying to see how different plugins work…


Which extension are you using to display The start and end of the curve? and reverse them?

it’s the same one he’s trying to use…


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Thanks John!

The PathCopy by Smustard also faces similar issues. (may be confusing for ppl tho does not understand the curve direction and the axes of the components)

Just throwing out there. :smiley:

Yeah i have used the chris fullmer tool as i said above and my object is vertically placed and i want that same object to be placed along the path.

in Chris’s tool the blue axis is aligned to the each edge along the sequence it follows…

if you want your component to ‘stand up’ you need to change it’s axis to comply with the tools rules…

it is much easier to do if you draw it at origin…

Great it made my mind but not completely
A small question hope u dont mind without laying down the component. With the standing position just as u showed changing axis its not working. Is there other way if so without laying down the component it should be same as its in the original shape in the vertical.

What do you mean it isn’t working? When you create the component, set the axes with the required orientation. Or, if you don’t do it while creating the component, you can right click on it and choose Change Axes. Then set the axes as needed.

if you want the exact positioning you need a corner to only change blue for green axis…

I’m using Draw Boundingbox to show the original axis corners as guides…

however, I don’t think this needs a plugin as dave said earlier, it’s an axial array…


john thanks that’s perfect what i need it :thumbsup: