How to copy component along a line

Would there be an easy way to copy a component along a line? I have a portion of hedge and a curve; I would like to copy the hedge component all along the curve, but can’t really be bothered to paste, move, and rotate each hedge componenent 100 times or so.
Hedge.skp (210.7 KB)
Is there an easier way to do it, bearing in mind that I’m using an online version of SketchUp?
Or would it be easier to use Make 2017 with a plugin ?

There is no automated way to do it in a web version (that I can think of), so one of the path copy plugins in a desktop version would be easiest.

Ok. What plugin would you recommend?

Probably either Copy along Path or Component Stringer, each has it’s good and bad points and a learning curve. Might be called Path Copy, can’t remember. Both in the extension warehouse.

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PathCopy worked (after a bit of fiddling).