Windows/Curtain wall in curved wall



Hi dear friends, I hope and pray that all of you are doing great. I am currently doing architectural planning and Interior designing for a large office space in India using Sketchup. The whole space has been designed but I have got a bit problem. One of the front wall of the office is having 3 arches/curves in which I have to make cutout for windows and then put windows in it.

My problem is:

  1. How can I make cutout in that curved wall? Offset and pushpull command is not working there.
  2. How can I put bend a normal window and put that into it.?

I am attaching some images for reference


Note: It is not for showoff, These are all the interior which I developed for that office using Sketchup and Vray.



You could also use ThomThom’s Truebend or Fredo6’s FredoScale radial bend to change an ordinary window into a curve.


As far as cutting the holes I always make my walls solids. So you can make some geometry for the holes and use solid tools to subtract the whole and then just delete the geometry.


Normally, curtain walls are faceted…

…unless they have curved glass.

Also, you’re drawing the curtain wall with a header and hole in the wall. Curtain walls are a facade on the exterior, so they don’t have a header… Hence the name curtain wall.

I’d recommend drawing a faceted curved face 2" thick & the length of the wall, then extruding it up the building’s exterior. Offset the faces 2" to make a window frame. Copy the inner faces to make windows later. Push pull the inner faces to make the window frame, then group the frame. Paste in place the windows, then extrude them 1/2". Move the windows to the centers of window frames. Group the windows and texture them. One curve could be a component, then you could copy it for the other two curves in the curtain wall.

For a curved window, draw a curved 1/2" thick solid, then add 2" thick metal beams on either side & on the top and bottom to hold the window in place. A curved window is probably easier to model.

Try finding a reference photo to help you model it. By the way, amazing renders!


Thank you guys for your response. You guys are awesome… These are the actual images which the client sent me… I’ve made cutout and model the plain/straight windows. But I hope that Thom’s Truebend extension will help me bend those windows and place it then. Again thank you guys.