Shape bender

When i tried to apply shape builder and i drawed line to press on it after hitting the curtain walls and the plugin , the line didnot appear to press on it .
I tried several times but i failed.
Please help.

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I have a question concerning Curtain walls , it is the first time for me applying curtain walls to a school .
So when i made shape bender ,sometimes it makes 2 different shapes on the same wall like in the photo on the right wall.
Please help in setting up the curtain walls.

The reality of the construction of such a curtain wall would be faceted. Each window section would be a straight construction. The actual cost of producing the ‘Curve’ to both the frames and particularly the class would be prohibitive.

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Ah,ok ,that means that i donot have to make shape builder ,i downloaded curtain walls from 3d warehouse and make copies.

This is the elevation of this school project which i did in the university .
So i want to make like the middle part of the elevation ( curtain wall and 2strips ), What shall i do?
Thanks alot.

Decide on the number of divisions in the ‘curve’ then draw an arc with that number of segments and use those segments as the basis for glass panels.

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