Shape bender not working properly

Hi, so I was trying to use the plugin but this is what I am getting (this is not the result I am seeing in a tutorial and when I hit enter it’s not going for the curve I intended to have) I don’t know if I missed something, can someone help me?

with shape bender it’s very easy to fail somewhere, maybe place the line incorrectly or the group…
and if anything is off, it won’t work.

better share this file (just drag it here in the answer box) so someone who uses it frequently can check and tell you what’s wrong :slight_smile:

@ateliernab oh right yes sorry, here.
D8.skp (1.2 MB)

What are you trying to achieve?
You have the arc of ‘windows’ and they are as they would be, straight sections within a curve.
If you are trying to bend the individual ‘Windows’ then you need to align one along the red axis, with a straight edge and align the arc also along the red axis.
But this is something unlikely to be built in real life. The cost of bending the glass would be prohibitive.