Shape Bender not working perfectly

circle shape.skp (953.5 KB) Hi
I have attached the model. I want to blend the shape with shape blender but its not working perfect. Any solution

What’s “shape blender”? And what do you mean “its not working perfect” Describe what it ise you actually want and what isn’t happening.

Is it Shape BENDER you’re trying to use?

Is this something close to what you’re hoping for?

If so, you need to follow the instructions for using it. You had it laid out incorrectly. If you don’t want the heart to get stretched, you need to make the band as long as the curve.


I think You do not want these “sidesteps” in the ring? I hope it´s to find out, but the error is at an unimportent place - just move the displaced part of the ring to the right place.

What? Just moving the incorrectly placed geometry will not fix this model. The rest of it is distorted beyond repair because of his incorrect set up for Shape Bender.

I think “atek” should first answer Your questions - I am not so much interested in that kind of work.

Why did you bother to get involved in the first place?

Your version is still not correct.

One is quite clear: I am a fan of Chris Fullmers “shape-bender” !

Nana, bitte Forenregeln beachten!

I don´t know why, but I didn´t see this perfect post (not exspected after Your 1. one) - that´s the solution - what can I do more ? Beg anybodys pardon? (sorry, my english is not good enough for that; it´s english I learned from a german teacher in the 1950ies, who was definitly an idiot, and now with 75 I am forgetting the little bit; and last not least: I am drunk now)

Forenregeln sind dafür da, von allen eingehalten zu werden. Einen dezenten Hinweis auf diese nach einer, in einem englischen Forum zugegebener maßen gekonnt verschleierten, verbalen Entgleisung mit der Inquisition zu vergleichen entspricht auch nicht unbedingt den Regeln.

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Sorry for late reply to much discussion was there. I want make as DaveR shown in this image its perfect but the band is to long stretched i want small band and the heart shape to be big and heart also to be bend little bit curve as the circle is. I dont need long band. Dave made it look like a bracelet by stretched way. Im making finger ring. And Dave its shape blender is not working mean What i need or in my mind its not curving in shape.

Any solution for my ring i dont need long band a short band and the heart should also bend with that curve shape with it. (like dave shown in image (but band should be small)).

Stop using Architectural Template for jewellery…

use decimal metric…

I set the basics up, but it needs you to workout why it’s inside out…

read the thread on the plugin at SCF and you’ll know how to use it…

circle shape_back-to-front.skp (2.0 MB)


hey John i cant find the SCF plugin . Is it JHS power toolbar?
How u made it can u clear plz
Can u show me in Gif (animated) view how u made it. U have made It perfect what i was thinking. I was using shape blender so i cut the circle. I want that band to complete circle with SCF plugin will it can create the curve with complete circle and no gap.

It’s the SAME plugin as your using… [edit: if it’s Chris Fullmer’s Shape Bender]

I suggested you READ the thread at SketchUcation Forum…

all I did was ‘move’ what you had to positions that they can work and matched the scale of the three parts needed…

I’m not making a gif of clicking a menu item…

in my opinion you should only ‘bend’ things you can’t rotate…

the heart on a very short segment of band and the band made separately…


If you wanted a finger ring, why did you make the curve so much larger than the straight line? I was working with what you supplied.

I don’t know what “shape blender” is. I used Shape BENDER to create that because it is the right tool for the job.

circle shape.skp (1.7 MB)
This time i cancel the to rotate the band and the heart. I made a band separate and heart separate. Problem i have to curve the heart so that later i can fix in that band but i cant what wrong or where im going wrong can anybody tell plz. so that i can make the heart curve shape

I highly suggest viewing the tutorials and demonstrations because that is what helped me. It took me a lot of patience to learn and boy am I still learning.

Since you are having trouble using Shape Bender, may I offer a suggestion? To me, Shape Bender is good for bending multiple objects/components that are on the same plane. Like a group of 3d Text.

Since you are just bending what is mostly one or two objects… (The band, and the heart that is at the end of it)…

How about creating the profile of the band as a flat face. (an oval or a “d” shape, etc)… Use the follow me tool and a circle of the exact diameter you want… Then, you can draw the heart as another component exactly as you want it… Then place the heart on/in the band and use Outer Shell Solid Tool to combine them.

By drawing the profile of your band, you will have a lot of control on the comfort, size, and shape of the curved band.

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