Help to bend the heart

I made a band separate and heart separate. Problem i have to curve the
heart so that later i can fix in that band but i cant what wrong or
where im going wrong can anybody tell plz. so that i can make the heart
curve shapecircle shape.skp (1.7 MB)

Thought I have seen that heart somewhere.

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As you were told in your previous thread, learn to use Shape Bender. Follow the instructions that were given.

If you don’t want the hearts to get stretched, make the arc the same length as the heart component. Make the straight line the same length. Also place the straight line under the heart in the same position as you want the bent heart positioned over the arc. If your arc is the centerline of the bend, place the straight line under the center of the straight heart component.

As I told you before, you should learn how to use Shape Bender with a simple shape first.