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Greetings for the day.

In pursuit to comprehend the software better, I would like to know how these forms are made. References are from

Ref 1 : Bedroom wall cladding
Ref 2 : TV Wall

I just showed you how in the other post of you, four days ago :slight_smile:

All the forms in your example - lines, arcs, push/pull - basics of SketchUp at


Mikey, you’ve made multiple posts asking very similar things for the past several days. It’s like you don’t even try to make anything on your own, instead asking for demonstrations. No matter how many times another user explains the process to you, you always pick the one with the video recording as the solution. How are you supposed to learn if you don’t apply yourself?

Your posts boil down to, “How I make this?” and little else besides repeating how much you don’t understand or how you get stuck but don’t explain where or how. You don’t post a single WIP or anything to indicate you’ve even attempted this modeling exercise on your own.

It would be a lot easier to help you if you made the effort to meet us halfway.


Figuring out how to model this kind of things would take you less than a minute if you know the basics of the program, have you watched the free sketchup courses on the sketchup website? If not you must do it, you’ve posted asking the same but with different images.


Here you go the video, just in case (so that you don’t get upset and remain with a wrong impression) :wink:
Anyway, after watching it, maybe realize that you didn’t really need such a tutorial for the three simple basic steps (Line, Arc, PushPull) you had to do?

If you’ll have questions about other models, try to write what you tried and where exactly you got stuck and can’t go any further.

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