Seeking a Solid Barrel Component

Hey all,

I’m extremely new to SketchUp. I use different 3D modeling software all day at work so I’m mostly familiar with a lot of SketchUps functions.

I’m attempting to grab a Barrel from the 3D Warehouse and add some solids around it, with the intention of subtracting the barrel shape from those solids. The only problem is, obviously it won’t let me select the barrel component as a solid, because they’re all complex groups with a lot of parts here and there.

I’ve tried seeking a solution on youtube and the tutorials but they’re all incredibly advanced, and this was supposed to just be a quick project. Does anyone have a simple solution for me?

Any help would be great thanks.

making one is fairly simple.
draw profile of barrel and rotate around a circle using follow-me.


Amazing how obvious that was. I woke up this morning with the idea and came in here to delete this post.

Guess I just needed to step away from the computer for a bit.

Thankyou for this.

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