How to draw a barrel?

Can anyone help me with the above? I have made a cylinder by pulling up on the gap between 2 concentric circles. This gives me 2 regular cylinders one sitting inside the other. Can I then bow out the barrel?

Many thanks

You might be able to do it that way, I’ll let somebody else speak to that. I quickly did these screenshots of how I would probably draw a barrel – the Follow-me tool.

What kind of a barrel do you want? Do you need to be able to take it apart and show the staves, hoops and heads?

Follow Me around a circle, like MobelDesign shows will work if you don’t want the individual staves but there’s another way if you do want them.

Hi MobelDesign - thanks, that’s just what I was after! A lovely straightforward solution. May take me a while to turn one arc into 2, but I think I have a plan for that (2 arcs coming off 2 identical concentric circles?)

Hi Dave - I’m working with MobelDesign’s solution to make barrels as a landscape feature, so not needing the fine detail. Another time I might need the staves. Might be useful to others also to know how to do this?

I would try one arc and the offset tool :wink:


Like this?

Barrel.skp (90.9 KB)

Probably a bit too much of a bulge, but done in two or three minutes freehand, to no particular size.

Draw a rectangle in the red-blue plane, draw an arc, offset it, and joint the ends of the offset to make a face. Erase unused parts of the rectangle.

Draw 24 segment circle in the ground plane (or better, a polygon, so you don’t have to do as i did and un-soften the edges),

Select the circle. Click on FollowMe tool, click on the face made between the two arcs, and you have the shape.

If you used a circle as the FollowMe path, select all of the barrel, and unsoften the edges.

If you want to improve the illusion of staves, join the inner and outer vertices of the top face. And if you want a closed barrel, draw a circle at the top on the outer rim, then lower it down to where it fits inside, or scale it to fit.

Just like @MobelDesign’s suggestion above.


You forgot the steel bands.


Good old QuadFaceTools :+1:


Fantastic! Many thanks. This is a great community & obviously a lot of skilled users. Bw Jon

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