Parametric barrel

Where can I find a tutorial/tool for a barrel construction ?

Here’s one GIF you might watch.

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Thanks. But I rather thought of 3D object barrel shape, where I could change as the parameter the height of barrel getting as a result apropriate change of diameter (changing the radius of the generating line with constant lenght of the arc).

You could make barrel as a Dynamic Component and then adjust its size as desired.

Simple example of a parametric barrel shape :

with it’s file:

Barrel.skp (231.8 KB)

Another DC example.

Great thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :). That’s what I had on my mind.

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The real challenge would be to allow the top and bottom diameters to be scaled independently of the overall shape.

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if the circles had 24 segments and the bulge 12, the barrel would have 290 entities which would have to be programmed…

Thanks for remark, fortunately this in not the case I need. But parametric barrel is the foundation for the element I would like to construct and animate. A long journey before me ;).

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Thanks Mike :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: . I try to do the best with your model.

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Or at least 26, if you just scale the barrel segments (not quite sure if it is doable). The beauty of real parametric modellers is that you can parametrize the geometry that lies under the 3D model.

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