Smoothing a cylinder


Sketchup Make 2017 -

I have created a 23" diameter x 24" high barrel with 1/32" thick sides and bottom. The top is open. How do I get the cylinder to look/appear smooth rather than showing 24 segments?


Start with a circle with more sides before drawing the cylinder. Select the Circle tool and immediately type the number of sides you want. I generally find that it’s best to stick to a multiple of 12 and rarely even need more than 96 sides if that.


As DaveR said. Then highlight the cylinder, right click and soften smooth edges.


Maybe I made the cylinder/barrel in an incorrect manner. What I did was draw a circle, then I used the push/pull to make it 24 " tall, then I drew another circle inside it, then used the push/pull tool to drag down the inner circle to create the closed-one-end cylinder. Am I doing it correctly except for making the number of sides ~96 ??


Your process is fine. Just select the Circle tool, type 96 and hit Enter. Then proceed as before.


Okay. Let me give things a try.


Okay, so it does appear as though the 96 sides has smoothed things out considerably. It didn’t even appear to be necessary to use soften smooth edges.


It won’t change the appearance if you are working with an extruded circle.


Thanks for the help.


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