How to soften edges on a curve

Probably a newbie question, but I’m stumped and haven’t found it here.

I’m attempting to design a ring shape which will be 3d printed. Pretty good luck by using the push/pull tool on a circle, but I need to curve the inner edges of the ring (rope will be running through it, trying to minimize both friction and wear). How do I accomplish this?

Have researched “softening and smoothing” in the included help guide, but that seems to only hide the curve visually, not change how the final product is printed.


Much thanks!

For your purpose Follow Me would probably be a better option.

Simply create the profile and the path, the circle being the path, and use the Follow me tool on it. Select the path, then get the tool and click on the profile.
Note the arcs are done with a double clicks repeating the first one.

You’ll have to redo the object then with more segments per circle.
An extruded circle can’t be changed anymore but for the basic circle that you start with you can still increase the segment count in its ‘Entity Info’ window.

Or set the number of segments right when applying the ‘Circle’ tool. (see the hint on the status bar down left and the ‘Measurements’ field suggestion for typing the number of segments: …s [Enter]. Default is 24 for circles.