Soften/Smooth Edges not doing anything


I am using the web version of SketchUp and following a tutorial by Paul McWhorter where we are making a pipe elbow fitting. The ends of the elbow have been extruded and now need smoothing off. I have selected the whole of the elbow, right mouse clicked and then selected Soften/Smooth Edges from the menu, but nothing changes in the drawing. Any Ideas as to what I am doing wrong ? I have uploaded a screen shot of the drawing if it helps.


Group the extruded element as a separate group and smooth it apart from the rest of the pipe. IF that doesn’t work increase the number of segments on that extrusion.


Can you upload the SKP file so we can have a look?

Select the edges that need to be softened and then tick the boxes for Soften and Smooth in the Display window. No need to group anything separately from the rest.


liamk887, thank you for your very prompt reply, I have just tried selecting only the extruded portion to the right of the drawing, and the selecting the smooth function but still no changes. How do I increase the number segments?


Although you can increase the number of segments before drawing the circles, that alone won’t solve your issue. Doing what I told you will. Here’s the result after following my own instructions.


DaveR, you are a star! that did it. Thank you very much.


There is another approach that could be worth trying. I think that the smoothing only affects what you see, a 3D print would use the less smooth geometry.

In Paul’s demo, at this point:

he uses the default number of sides for the circle, of 24. If instead he had typed 100 Enter, right after selecting the circle tool, that would have set the circle to have 100 sides. The rest of the demo should work the same, only now you have a pipe that really has smoother geometry.


Colin, Thank you for that information, I will give it a try.



follow me explodes the circle which when used with the pushpull will cause the segmenting lines. Create a new circle before the pushpull and the lines on the extrude won’t be present. Also and offset will be segmented as well.


Interestingly, if SU2018 circles, arcs, curves don’t get exploded during Follow Me operations.


Oddly in Free…they get exploded


And in previous desktop versions as well.


I rather expected Free to act more like 2018 in that regard.


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