Problems with circles and cylinders and materials

I’m trying to make a shape look more realistic. I tried the 96 side trick on a new circle and it made the model look worse, the original must have more sides than that.

No matter what I do, I cannot smooth it and this means I cannot apply my material to the outside properly, it repeats a small section instead of wrapping it entirely.

It is not the number of segments that make up the cylinder that matters, but how you apply the material to that curved surface

With ThruPaint from Fredo6

Thanks for your reply. I can’t quite get it to work properly, the material should be dark at the front and back of the drum, with the lighter texture in the middle all the way around. I cannot get it to work like that?

After I showed you this possible way of working, is it advisable to follow some tutorials for this extension on Youtube, to learn how it works in detail.

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You may need to use the UV mapping on the left side. should be possible.


So that worked pretty well, I seem to have a problem with parts of the cylinder thinking that they are part of a different shape towards the back in places?

Also, how do I make it look less polygonal (more circular) after the fact?

Normally, remodeling from zero as you want it to be.
You could also use some plugins (Artisan, SubD, etc…) to create more vertices/edges that will generate a smoother surface, but it depends a lot on how the 3D model was built, as well as what kind of model it is. And of course, the ultimate goal also matters.

with SubD

Thanks, SubD crashes when I try to press the roundee cube button?

Could you please try for me?
SHDBDM1.skp (14.7 MB)

Your model, even if it is a group, it contains only loose edges and faces from all elements together.

It would be illogical to try to subdivide it under these conditions.

As I told you, it’s easier to recreate it the way you want. And when you redraw it, don’t forget to make each element a group/component (as the case).

// edit

Something like this:
new-SHDBDM1 (SU 2017).skp (2.9 MB)
You can now edit one component and all the others will change as well (if you need to add more smoothness).

Thank you so much, I need to check that out. Could you please add a clip showing how you did that for future reference as it’s likely to help me and others?

You’re welcome!

Making groups and components are basics, go to for tutorials for beginers.

I really want to see exactly what you did to get that end result, it’s really good.

I selected and created components for the repeating elements, and for the middle cylinder I created a new circle with 96 segments and extruded it.
But all of this you will know if you start learning the basics of SketchUp.