How to print intersecting curve

Hey all,

Total neub… Trying to print the intersecting curve between two barrels that I’ve put together.

How can I do this? The reason behind it is I want to draw the curves on the vertical barrel in order to then cut it. Following the idea posted here:

Any ideas much appreciated.

AlexBBQ Smoker.skp (1.2 MB)

Do you mean 3d print or 2d print?
Anyway you have to explode both barrels (please only do it in Sketchup,not real life) and then select all and intersect with model.You can see the intersection on the picture.But I don’t understand exactly what you want to do with that.Also take care of reversed faces,because both the barrels are reversed.

The tutorial has a jpg on it with the curve. You can magnify it until the horizontal lines are equal to the circumference of the barrel.

SketchUp does not use true arcs nor circles (nor cylinders.) They are made up of line segments.[quote=“malnardavid, post:2, topic:22211”]
But I don’t understand exactly what you want to do with that.

He needs the curve on a paper plot so he can cut the standing barrel:

Dan, David thanks a lot.

Dan, thanks for your input. your comment regarding the fact that sketchup does not use true arcs, why did you make it?

if i wanted to replicate what is on the tutorial, how would i do it. would appreciate your guidance.


Aha,then you need to delete the upper barrel and then use one extremely useful plugin Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse to do the job.

Because many new users do not realize that SketchUp does not have true curves. And since you are really going to interface with real world objects that do have true curves,… I thought you should know.

Now if you can set the numbers of circle segments to a high enough number, you may not have an issue. Ie, you’ll be welding the gap anyway, and may even be smoothing the edge with a grinder beforehand.

Dan thanks for your reply, hopefully the only problem will be the difference between the true curves and not my welding or cutting skills JJJ

David, thanks, i’ll give it a try. Exactly what i wanted.

My original thought was that SketchUp was not the application to create nice true intersection curves (like the tutorial author made with a usual CAD application.)

But, when you asked me why I said it, it made me stop and re-think the issue. And I realized that the cutting guide, is just a guide. There is no law that says you must follow flat segments with your shears. And after the cutting, you’ll try the fit, mark areas and spots that need more cutting or grinding, and make the fit better until it is suitable for welding.

So, really, yes SketchUp can do the job. The real issue is plotting the cutting guide at full scale.