Misunderstanding of 'Tech Support' badge


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Tech Support is a badge that any helpful forum member can obtain from giving good technical advice…

It does not mean they work for Trimble…



FYI, this badge name has been changed from “Tech Support” to “Learned One” (to hopefully prevent users misunderstanding who works for SketchUp and who does not.)


my English skills as well as dictionary didn’t spit out anything, i.e. what does this mean resp. would not something as e.g. ‘Professional’ or ‘Expert’ be better?


Learned one just means someone who is well educated, it’s very generic and non specific. Professional or expert would be another level up really, in my opinion. The badge is given for answering 10 question correctly, those questions could have been, What is your favourite colour? Or What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Being nominated for ten of them sets you apart but doesn’t necessarily make you an expert.

The badge that I really don’t like is the one called Help Desk, this is given to anyone that has been ticked as answering one question correctly. I know of several users with this Help Desk moniker that are a long way from helpful. Yet new users could see that badge and assume they should follow their advice


African or European?


Isn’t air speed velocity redundant?


With comments like that we might have to employ the holy hand grenade on you. 1, 2…


Speed is a scalar quantity. Velocity is a vector quantity, with magnitude (equivalent to speed) and direction. Thus there is indeed redundancy in that expression. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know that! Aaaaaaahhhh…


Make sure you ask that in the Corner Bar, though.