How can I learn all the nitty gritty details of the forum?

What do the different colors indicate on the replies to a topic?

Where can I find a comprehensive list of all the badges and how they are obtained?

What don’t I even know that I don’t know?

I’d like to know everything that I am allowed to know about this place. I really like this forum and the people in it. Being a part of it is more than just learning SketchUp for me.

Maybe this would help. I ought to read it myself…

Well, you don’t know that there is necessarily anything you don’t know. So I don’t know the answer to that!


‘Not knowing’ is actually a virtue, as far as I know…
It will put you in an unbiased state, welcoming other ways of doing stuff etc.
We might recognise things but when this turns into ‘knowing’, we loose the ability to learn new things.


In a world where you can be anything, be curious?

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Be holy.

This is very helpful, but it doesn’t address some of the things that I mentioned above. I’m sure somebody somewhere knows.

They are the colours that have been assigned to categories so you can see at a glance what category it is.

The pancake menu next to you avatar gives you access to many things including the badge list.

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Haha! Thank you, sir.

I had originally typed that into the topic trying to be rhetorical.

Not a bad piece of epistemology, coming from a politician. I wonder if he realized how often this was going to be quoted.
And if I remember sight, the context was an attempt to gloss over gross incompetence about the Iraq war.


Badges - SketchUp Community
Click on the individual badges to get more details.


Braden, when you joined, the system would have set you a private message explaining the basics of forum usage. (It may still be in your messages if you did not delete it.)

You can get a private lesson (one on one) by opening a new private message and send anything (does not matter what as long as it is longer than the minimum message) to the system account named discobot.

The bot will initiate a interactive tutorial lesson and at the end you’ll earn a badge for the tutorial(s).


Did somebody say @discobot ?

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Hallo! Zeg @discobot help weergeven om te ontdekken wat ik kan.

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Thats very useful - did not know it existed

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Thanks, everyone! This is all very useful info.

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It’s funny how the look of a “diploma”, no matter what it’s for, makes one feel like they have accomplished something significant.


My GED is still in my childhood closet at my parents’ house in a pretty black picture frame which is, no doubt, covered in dust. No employer of any kind has asked me to prove that I had completed high school or received a GED. If I was without conviction, it would have been nothing to get away with lying about it.