Finding the Advanced User Tutorial

EDIT CLARIFICATION: The Advanced User Tutorial is solely for forum users to help them with the usage of the forum itself and posting here. It does not contain any material relating to the usage of SketchUp itself.

There is a badge “Licensed” awarded for completing an “advanced user tutorial” somewhere on this forum I suppose. I’ve looked several times to try and find this tutorial and failed. It’s not all that important I find it, but it’s starting to bug me. I notice that @Box, @Cotty and @DanRathbun are the only 3 people who happen to have it. Maybe they could point me in the right direction?

The irony seems you need to be an advanced user to find it.

EDIT: The same goes for “Certified” for new user tutorial, maybe I skipped that at some point. I am also missing “Autobiographer” even though I have filled out my profile, very odd.


Maybe that’s the "completion " part

You were part of this thread where I described how … (by interacting with the discobot.)
So just create a private message and send it to discobot, and he’ll tell you how to start the tutorial.

It is vastly exciting @IanT, I don’t know how I got through my days before I was awarded the Advanced user tutorial badge, I’m sure @DanRathbun and @Cotty feel the same.
It is the only badge that once awarded is smelted in the secret mines of Mordred and hand delivered to your bedside by the voluptuous handmaidens of Aphrodite.
Dan, Cotty and I get together when the planets are in auspicious alignment, or whenever there is beer, to dance and cavort and discuss secret advanced user business. Deep into the night we chant and consume potent concoctions made from the finest drops of scented perspiration gathered from that special spot just behind the knee of super models.
When the animal urges final become too strong to contain we grunt and prance and shake our heads in a horse like way with a bit of up and down and some side to side (there’s usually some flatulence too, but I won’t name names) and we whisper into the silence of the multiverse… @…d i s c o b o t… …time stands still… …tedium reigns… …the will to live is drained from the long dark teatime of our souls… … and joys of joys we once again experience that which is indescribable…the Advanced user tutorial!

Oh it’s all too much, I’ve said more than I should, have I betrayed the brotherhood!
I must go and lie down in a darkened room with a wet flannel on my brow and my medal clutched to my heaving breast (moobs actually). Ask me to reveal no more secrets I beg you…I’m feeling very whelmed.


The voices in my head have been whispering relentlessly in the night. “Find it” they say, “find it”. My subconscious mind drives my soul to find such a place as The Advanced User Tutorial, I yearn to experience the pleasures it beholds whatever they may be.
My quest it seems has come to an end, I have become enlightened in a way that I could never have seen preparation. I lay in my resting chamber at 3:25 am coming to terms with the fruit that it bears. My sheets are soaked in perspiration, my heart beats like the strike of a masons hammer and my breath is short and sharp.
Is all this too much? Maybe I should never have asked. This kind of temptation could send a normal mortal into a life of even greater turmoil. I sit with my head in my hands in a feeble attempt to rationalise all of this. But the whispers continue, now urging me to mutter the elusive word. Growing slowly louder, coaxing me into the whirlpool from which I will not return…


It could be the anchovy and pineapple pizza with extra onions that you had as your bedtime snack speaking.

That would make sense.

@Box if you ever write a novel make sure you chime me in on it. Even though that’s probably the best reply I will ever get on this forum, I’m sorry but I have to give the solution to Dan. He makes it sound less “dangerous”.

Thanks for the replies.


No worries, with all this panting and sweating I’m quite happy to leave Dan with the solution in hand.


(Off topic)
I have noticed you have quite a “wealth” of language and creative writing skills. I think I may be onto something with that novel, I’d certainly read it.

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By the way, you need to fill in the About Me section of your profile to get the Autobiographers badge.
If you fill it in you get it, but if you remove what you have written the badge will be surgically removed.

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Well they don’t call me a Cunning Linguist for nothing.


Of course lady members get a girl discobot.

Now were is the beer? I am already flatulent!

Jumping on the bandwagon of the brotherhood are we :smiley:

Oh the power I now wield, I can only hope I can control it.


How many are there now?

Good lord, the list is growing by the second. It’s as though Pandora’s Box has been opened.

Welcome brother Dave.

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As of 16:06 PM PDT (GMT-7), Wednesday, April 18 2018 there are 8 of us.

And speaking as one who just earned the badge, the process didn’t teach me anything new! I’d say that it’s, at most, an intermediate lesson. An advanced lesson would have included stuff like formatted and colored code, how to show “<” without have to resort to a code block, etc.

isnt it just a list of videos to watch?

It is more of an interactive way to introduce the different navigational features in the forum, all of it very basic. About 5 minutes if you can type, took me longer.

I only wish I had gotten in on this absurdity when the topic was hotly tossed between fools and geeks. I would have fit in nicely.
Now back to that anchovy and pineapple pizza. Yuck.