What's the User Card Badge?

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Heya Box,

I moved this discussion to the Meta category, which is reserved for conversations about the forum itself :-).

Hopefully this thread can shed some light on the User Card Badge:


Up to a certain point, things work as expected when I follow the description in that thread.
It’s when I click open the User Card drop-down that things don’t seem right.
As you can see, the only choice on menu is ‘none’

This thread mentions “It is a per badge setting”
Selecting A User Card Badge — Discourse Meta
I feel like Mr. Boffo … Still not clear on the concept.

It seems to be working now for some reason, or at least it gives you some choices in the drop down.
It creates the little icon in the corner.

I must say it would be far more useful to have the users OS, SU version and skill level rather than some pointless icon.


@AlexB was able to get this feature up and running and included a whole new set of badges an iconography.

Thanks, Alex!

and the value of this iconography is?

Since the user card can only display one badge, you get to highlight any particular badge that you may be proud of or may have been specially granted to you.

But I get your point – showing OS, SketchUp version, and skill level would have more practical applications. Since the User Card also shows a snippet if your profile description, you could put your computer information in the description and it’ll appear on your user card. But I like the idea of standardized but customizable fields for user cards. I suggest that you post that feature request to the Discourse Meta forum.

Sorry, I have zero interest in working with the developers of the base software.
I am here to help users of Sketchup, not users of Discourse.

For an official sketchup forum I personally find the sketchup team somewhat backward in coming forward. I’m glad you see my point and hope that as a direct user of discourse you or your colleagues point out to them what you want rather than them telling you what you get.

BTW I notice you haven’t found an icon that you are proud of or interesting enough to add it to your profile.

And that help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the User Card badge feature before you mentioned it. Afterwards, however, several of us started looking into the feature so that we could help answer your question. Because you showed the initial interest in the feature and have ideas on how to improve it, I felt it were more appropriate for feature requests to come from you. I didn’t want to speak on your behalf. That’s all.

Good call. I decided to go with the SketchUpper badge, too :-).


I didn’t ask about it, I replied to another member who asked about it.

Oh snap. You’re right…Bob_James posed the original question. My apologies.

Why are there not all the badges in the drop down list?

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Any news for this question?