Attention SketchUp Team Members!

Many of you have set your “Title” in your preferences to show your SketchUp Team Member badge.

For those of you who have NOT done this - please do! As a forum user, I find it immensely helpful to know that a post or reply is from somebody who works at SketchUp. And by using this badge as your “Title” - I can tell that at a glance without having to dig into your profile.

And for those who have the SketchUp Team Member in your title - please check two or three workers around you. If they have it too, great! If not? Give them a hand setting it!

Thanks in advance!

Tagging a few SketchUp Team Members now to get the ball rolling:
@richard_sketchup @brooks @mchandler @Marc @Barry


I’ll put the word out. Some teams may have more specific titles, but I’ll ask that everyone do an official title of some sort.


Looking over the badges that are enabled to also be titles, the only one that, as an alternative to “SketchUp Team Member” that might be at times helpful when reading the forum is “Administrator”

(1) Is Casey Grothus still on the team ?
If so has very anonymous looking username, ie, @C13229.

(2) Just wondering why Steve Wishstar needs 3 accounts:
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