Change Username

Hi! I want to ask if the administrators can change my current username to ‘em_9’ ? I am back for the second time here in the community and I find it uncomfortable using my real name.

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hmmm maybe @TheOnlyAaron is moderator enough ? or does it require an extra admin power ? dunno. He’ll know. :wink:

Nah… thats aaaalllll @jody



Can I also request the username change?
I would like to have simple “Rafa” as my username.

@rafa might not agree to this :slight_smile:

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oh ;/
Could you change my username into ‘RafaFiedo’ then?

ps. Happy new year!

You’ll have to wait for a few days I’m afraid, pretty sure the good folks at sketchup’s HQ are celebrating the end of the month or something. :wink:

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haha, no problem, no rush needed :wink:
thanks for answers!

I was traveling back from the UK yesterday.

I made the change to your user name.