Change username on forum


Hi Alex
can I change my username once the account has been set up? when I go to “preferences” is the only thing it does not let me edit.

cheers, alex

Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hey (another) Alex!

There is a period of a few days after you create an account for the first time to change your username and then I can only do it. If you send me what you want your username to be, I can change it for you?



hola hola…
yes, please, if you could change it for " al_ex " that would be great
I am a bit confused…the “user” when I upload a model to the warehouse (I have only done one so far (!) ) is the same as the user in the forum?
and also: this user from which I am email you at the moment was created with my work email…does this mean I cannot access it from my personal email or when I do stuff from home?
I am starting to have some kind of multiple personality issues here :blush:
many thanks, I really appreciate all the help
have a great weekend, a.


Yes, there is a single sign on - so your SketchUp login (for extension and 3Dwarhouse) is the same for the forums.

The forums email seems to be your work email. I am not sure what your 3D Warehouse email is, but they can be the same.


@AlexB me too
i need to change my user name to

thanks in advance


I changed it to @ESCMohammed because you can’t have dashes, only letters and numbers.



Thanks @AlexB … thank you very


You’re very welcome!


Do you guys can change mine, my actual name is @jonathanpiette, but I would like to have @JoeDrafter instead.


No problem, @jonathanpiette . Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, and then click on the gear icon. This will take you to the Profile page. Next, click the pencil button next to your Username to change it to JoeDrafter


Hello Tommy, That’s the problem, there is no pen next to my username. There is next to title, email, Profile Picture…



Interesting. You don’t see anything like the image below?



@Tommy you have more editing options than the average user because as a sketchup team member you have admin privileges.


How interesting. I wasn’t aware of that limitation. I learn something new every day :wink:

You’re all changed, @JoeDrafter :smiley:


Hey Tommy, Tommy here!
Can you change my Username please?
Actually I’d like it to be “Runninghead”, as that’s my company name.
Checkout for info about me, should security be questioned.



And Done!


Thanks Aaron!


Sir, could you change my username to “IanT” please. I’ve been wanting to change it for some time, but just don’t have the power. I didn’t think it were possible until now…
Edit- Thankyou sir!


Tommy - one more request for a user name change - could you please change mine to PhilCO48? Thanks a lot.