Change username on forum

Hello @PhilCO48,
Your username was changed in accordance with your request.

Thanks a lot for the quick response to my request, I appreciate it

Hello Sketchup Moderator, i have been looking to change my username and was going to start a new thread until i found this one. I don’t know if you will see it but in case you do would it be possible to change my username to “Cadie”.

Thank you.

Hey Moe, (now @Cadie)

Your username was changed in accordance with your request. For future reference, if you want to ping a member, place their username behind the @ symbol in your post, like I did in the heading of this post. This notifies the user that someone has responded to them directly. I only happened to stumble upon your post because you did not ping thusly: “@SketchUp_Moderator” .


@SketchUp_Moderator, could you also please, change my nick for “michal.p” or, if it’s occupied “michael.p” ?

Your request has been accommodated! Now you owe me a favor too. :sunglasses:

All I ask is that you fill out your user profile to include the version of SketchUp you use, the type of SU license, and how you use the software (Add this to the “About Me” section in your profile).

Done, thank you!

@SketchUp_Moderator My username must have been created from my email address and I would like to change it please.

I opened two other accounts trying to do this which I now can’t seem to delete. I would like my username to be SBF. I own SBF and SBF1 so I guess these would need to be deleted first in order to change this one. What a mess I’m in :joy:

Your username must be unique. Apparently, SBF is not a unique username. I just attempted to grant your request for a change in name and was unable to comply in this case.

Hi there, as explained, I have registered the name SBF myself on a different account. I would like to delete this account first but can’t find a way to do so. This would then free up the name…could you advise on how to delete an account please.
Many thanks

Could you please tell me how to delete unwanted accounts?

@SketchUp_Moderator Could you please change my username to: SketchUpMan

Hi Alex,

could you please change my username to: iniiris ?
This would be really nice.

Thank you.