Changing Profile

My UserName and Handle Appear to be Confused.
A Handle is the fake name that should show with postings instead of my real name, but in the Community, they are mixed up and my name is showing. This is not okay. I need to have them switched, regardless of whether the problem is fixed.

Does anyone know how I would go about making this happen? I need to be able to access Profile and make the name change.

I also need to update my laptop information as it appears that I took a wild guess when I was setting my profile up initially.

Any clues?
Thank you

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the forum screen. In your case the default is the letter A in a colored circle. Choose the furthest right hand icon that looks like a stylized person, then choose the gear Icon for Preferences. Your profile can be edited there. Don’t forget to save the changes at the bottom of the page.

I think the two fields you are talking about are Name and Username. Name is what you are called in real life. Username checks a what you will be called in the forum. I am guessing you flipped yours around when you created your account.

@AmyRue Let me know if you want to change your UserName to and I will do that for you. You can DM me by clicking on my avatar, then clicking the Message button to the right of my name.


This appears to leave me at a dead end as there is no category for listing my system. Also, I received a notice that I needed to “finish” my profile, but there is nothing unfinished under preferences, it is very basic. Thank you