Community Profile Issue

Having trouble logging into my forum profile from another computer. Came back to my old trusty where I’m constantly logged in but for the life of me I can’t figure out where to go to see my login info. In the search I also discovered that I need to make some changes to my profile. I can get to the profile itself but the image, description, and the computer info are not editable.

What am I missing?

Does clicking on ‘Preferences ‘ work?

Well it gets me to all the profile page but I see no path to editing all the content therein.

Ahh…very confusing…now I see it…the left hand list is a set of “links” to each set of data.

Is there no way to change the user name?

A forum admin would be able to do that for you. You just need to make a request. Start a new thread in the Meta category with a suitable title so they see it.