Forum Account Merging

When signing back into this forum on a new Laptop, I was asked to create a new account. My old sign in credentials no longer worked on the new computer.

I would have rather been able to update my old profile (which wasn’t all that old, actually).

Is there a way to merge these two profiles back together again. or am I starting all over again from scratch.

I don’t care about the badges and stuff. But it would be nice if those whom I’ve already frustrated around here don’t have to relive the experience all over again.

You should be able to log in using the same user name and password that worked on the old computer. The account remains active unless you have deleted or otherwise changed it. Check to be certain that the user name and password were typed correctly. Failing that, you may want to try to log in again with the stipulation that you have lost the password or user name and have these reset.

@Jim_Druckenmiller I Private Messaged you…

Also, when you said you didn’t care about badges, my heart broke :wink: haha :grimacing: