Welcome to the SketchUp Community!

Nice forum guys : ) Well done.

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What took you guys so long ! Hehe

This looks awesome! Great Job guys!

Makes sense, good work.

Just wondering why I had to make another account for this forum, is this not connected to 3DW? Also, I cannot change my email address from the Gmail I had to start for Google3DW (which I don’t use), why is this fixed for the new account?


Received this email about Sketchup today. All the information that is to be related to this account is incorrect and lust like the program…I can not seem to work it. I need to change the profile information, how is this done? It says that it has all been verified and won’t let me swap anything.

Thank you so much!!
Feels like coming home.
Missed it. :smile:
Great job you’ve done.

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got an email about the forum today so I decided to join. looks really cool so far, thanks for the welcome!

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Nice thing . . . . . . . :smile: :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to collaborating with like minded people.


thanks! this is great

Hi there, just wanted to say hello to everyone and for you Tommy! =)
I love SketchUp, R U with me ?

The new forums looks great and feels better, congratulations!

Much needed! Thanks so much for setting this up!

I’m so excited about this forum. It’s great! It has a ton of awesome features.

It’s a sigh of relief to finally have a sketchup forum from the source.


Any timeline for this?
In the meantime, what is “User Card Badge”?

Go to the Preferences section of your profile and you’ll see it there.

Glad to know this is here. Thank you!

I too run a discourse forum, it rocks :slight_smile:

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