Where are the Sub-Forums?

There aren’t sub-forums in Discourse, instead there are categories and sub-categories. Meta (where this is posted) is to talk about the forum itself, if you have a question about SketchUp just categorize it as such, etc…

When you first visit http://forums.sketchup.com/ you will see posts from ALL categories, you can click your icon in the top right and see the Categories available if you want to jump to a certain topic.

All testing posts we’ve already come up with were moved to Archived so you can see it fairly clean. There are already 20+ members of SketchUppers and Discoursers who will be able to chime in and answer questions as well. Talk to Chris Fulmer about how to get ALL the badges.


Typo - you owe him a cookie now.

Dadgummit! He doesn’t like cookies, I’m sure.

Then I’ll take it! Gimme!

@ChrisFullmer, how do I get badges?

The best thing to do is to go to the badges page and see what badges there are. You can get there through the “hamburger menu”, that is the 3 horizontal stripes icon menu up near your avatar on the top right. Or just go there directly fromt his link :smile:


One you could get quickly would be “First Like” by liking a post. You can also fill outr your profile more completely to get the autobiographer badge, read the community FAQ to get a badge, etc.

Jody can grant you the 3dbasecamp attendee badge sine you have been to a bunch of those :smile:

Oh, and I love cookies Jody.

Simply by being awesome!

You’re a 3D Basecamp attendee now.

Some other typical badges are granted for First Time activities and milestones (100 likes, having a post liked 20 times, stuff like that)


Forum is to messed up…
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