Finding the Advanced User Tutorial



how do i find the tutorial?



Did you read Dan’s post and follow his link?


It’s worth noting that it is a very pointless tutorial that has nothing to do with using Sketchup.


Who said anything about it being off topic?


If you read my post as i wrote it you’ll see I’m pointing out to the person that asked that the advance tutorial isn’t a tutorial about Sketchup, incase they had been deceived by the thread title and not noticed the category.


Guys I edited my first post to point out again what Box is getting at for anyone who comes across this. I thought what Box were putting across were pretty clear though.


What would @discobot have to say about this?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Replying to @Box and @IanT:

OK. Since IanT clarified in the topic intro post, I’ve deleted my posts on this diversion - no longer germaine!


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