Wine Farm Construction / Design help

I am doing this project that is a wine farm
and under the outside stairs there is a space that i dont know how to fill, i already thought to make an intirior garden or a Miniature model of the farm,
what would you guys do?

Can someone help?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe you could post an image to give a folks a better understanding for ideas?

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Sorry i tried to put the file but it didnt work
theres a photo badly i can only put 1 photo has i’am new

I’d consider making a bench you could sit on. Also, you don’t have to do anything with it if it makes a nice stone object.

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Just to clarify… Are you asking for design recommendation to fill the opening to the left of the stairs, or do you have a problem making SketchUp fill a gap in your model?

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A wine barrell wall with grape vine climbing up on to it

And then a wine barrell that has water in it for people to drink. If its near the entrance.

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To do the bench i would have to consider in changing the front facade and i cant change it, but it’s a great suggestion man thanks :smiley:

The problem is that were i actually have those plants i need to do something more intersting and i have no ideas its more a design recommendation :stuck_out_tongue:

Love that suggestion
I will do the wine barrel wall with the grape vine climbing up on it but i wont make the barrel becausse it makes me do the plants to the water system and the clients wont Accept that for sure
But do not misunderstand i really liked the idea thank you so mutch :slight_smile:

Sorry, but you must use SketchUp Pro to work with clients.

I know :slight_smile: I’am doing an Internship in a company, thats why its not necessary to use the pro version :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter that you are an intern. The work you are doing provides a commercial benefit to the company. Thus Pro is required.

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