Simple Question about importing a picture and modeling


This is an easy one (to seasoned Sketchup’ers) and I’ve spent some time searching but with no luck…

I would like to design a wine cellar and have seen a picture I like. I know that I can trace it but it is quite detailed. I am a novice so wondered if there is any way of doing this a little easier or quicker. I am presuming that tracing something like this would be very time consuming.

Is there another way?

Any assistance is much appreciated.


Tracing would be mindnumbingly tedious and rather pointless.
Model the room, then the shelves then the bottles etc etc… you can easily make multiples of things, so for example, to do the bottles you’d really only need to model one and make lots of copies.
It all depends on what your reason for doing it is? To make a pretty picture, to work out the construction, to show to an interior designer…?

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Hi Box,

Thanks for coming back to me. This is so we can work out what design we can have in the house. We are lucky enough to be able to have something like the above (on a much smaller scale) so I wanted to play around with it so that I could show my wife and see what she likes. Then we could measure up and order.

Looks like I will just have to do it one by one. As said, I am a bit of a novice so this might take someone an hour or two but it is likely to take me days…


That’s all part of learning and doing things yourself. Otherwise you pay an architect or interior design to do it for you. One costs time the other costs money.

haha… I know… It is the money that I am trying to save so it will have to be the time that I give up!

Some late nights coming! Thanks

I don’t think you need to trace over the image of the wine cellar, but you can use it for reference. Since a wine bottle is pretty much a standard size (unless you regularly drink from magnums or jeroboams), you can begin with the height and diameter of a bottle to begin laying out a wine cellar to fit your space. The only other data you need at the outset would be the size of the material you want to use for the racks. I’d begin with wood that’s 1/2 inch square; if that doesn’t look right, try material that’s 3/4 in. square. If I were designing the cellar, I’d notch the wood so that the pieces fit together eggcrate-style.

If you just want to use it as a reference, you could import it into SketchUp and stand it up in the background a bit. That way you can look at it while you are modeling without having to switch applications or look at another screen.