Download a friend's drawing?

Nevermind the question. I see there want be an answer comming.

What kind of a drawing did your friend make?

That begs a whole bunch of questions! Where in the cloud did they save it? Do you have access to that place to download it? What sort of drawing is it, that is, what sort of file (Your forum profile says you are running SketchUp Make 2017. That version has limited import capabilities, so the file type matters a lot)?

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So you can’t help me out of this.

It is a square funnel. top100x100 goes to 50x50 over a distance of 50 mm.
Than from 50x50 goes to 40x40 also over a length of 50mm. So all in hight is 100mm.

1 min behind… to about 45 seconds to model. @Denis1957 you can totally do this, anyone can. Get started and ask real questions.

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Made two cubes, used the scale tool to get the taper. Made a duplicate and used the scale tool again, combined them, and then stitched up any border holes.

Sorry, but I can’t. It sjust is not happening here. I simply don’t feel the program.

My idea was it was more easy to show the picture following the link as it was by me explaining it.

Yep this is what I am looking for.

Sounds like you need some training. Start with the SketchUp training videos on youtube. Or the fundamentals course.

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That is my problem. I am the worst of all to follow those tutorials.They all go so fast and allmost all are in English what is not my native language at all. I can do a conversation but as it comes to technical words and like that I am lost. Sorry my father was hoping for a smart guy as son, he had a handsome one ( LOL ).

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What is your native language?

Flemish, more or less like Dutch. ( North of Belgium )

Perhaps one of our Dutch members can help you find something. @MikeWayzovski ?

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I see it all but can’t follow what is gooing on. Sorry can’t help it.

Okay. this time I slowed down and explained every step pretty much out loud.

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Way better to follow. Gonna try my own tomorrow. BTW greatfull dooing this ( even as you should be working for your employer ) Thank you.

I come back to this as tomorrow I tryed my self.

Thumbs up for you.


You can do it, you just need to learn the basics of inferencing, making lines, selecting stuff, erasing stuff and the rules about the follow me tool. The main thing is to select the path FIRST, then select the face that you want to follow said path.

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