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Hello Sketchup Community.
I am a beginner at all this. I’ve never used anything like Sketchup in my life. A tech savvy friend of mine hooked me up with some free version of sketchup but it is super limited and cumbersome. I would be better off buying some graph paper and a ruler at Staples. I’m just wanting to do some very basic landscape layouts or perhaps fiddle around with some designs for a barn on my property. I really would like to have Sketchup for many future uses. My problem is I deeply resent the fact everything I do in my computer has to be saved in the Cloud. I wouldn’t mind purchasing Skechup but I want my stuff to remain in my computer ONLY. If I decide to build a chicken coop or a work bench, big brother doesn’t need to know. Ever. What can I do? Should I just go buy that ruler and graph paper or what?

Hmm, what free version did he hook you up with, you have said in your profile Make desktop. This doesn’t save to the cloud.
Perhaps you mean the Web version, this can save to the cloud or download to your PC.

Make is the free desktop version that has been discontinued but is still available for download in the 2017 Version. Pro desktop is now at 2019.2 and doesn’t save to the cloud. The two Web versions, Free and Shop can save to either.

Oh! Sorry I didn’t realize I had a choice to save in cloud or not. Nothing I read or watched said there was a choice. I’m not the most tech savvy guy. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll just buy sketchup now because I can see how handy It’s going to be for lots for future projects.

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