Designing Wine Rooms

Anyone know how to design wine rooms with SketchUp? If so I would greatly appreciate a tutorial from start to finish.

Please let me know, thanks a million!

Here’s one way to do it:
Lay out the walls and floor. These can be simple planes or solids with typical wall thickness. Add a door (or at least the opening).
Fill in with as many wine racks as you need. You may not even need to design them from scratch. There are ready-made wine rack models on the 3D Warehouse. A Google search will turn up more ready made racks and wine-rack kits. You can use those images as the basis for a quick representation of the rack.
However, if you want to design the whole shebang, racks and all, make use of components in SketchUp. A wine rack is made up of numerous identical parts–uprights, dividers, etc. Draw one of those parts, make it a component, and make as many copies as you need. I’tll save you heaps of time and heartache, and help ensure that you model is accurate.