Windows Installer and SketchUp Webhelper problems

I am using SketchUp Pro and have experienced a recurring problem starting a couple of days ago. Something is triggering the Windows Installer (I think) program, and it starts searching for a file related to updating the SketchUp Webhelper.exe program. It can’t find the source file and says to insert a CD-ROM with the correct source file (msi?).

What should I do to either complete this updating if it is necessary?

That’s odd since there isn’t a CD-ROM offered. I’ve never seen a report like this before.

You might try repairing the installation. Find the downloaded installer, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when offered the options, choose Repair. Maybe that will take care of it.

Agreed - obviously the CD-ROM request is an odd one. I assumed that, since the installation was a download, I would “browse” for another location perhaps in the SketchUp 2020 program file areas. No such luck yet. And, as of right now, even Task Manager won’t close the “Installer” program.

I had never encountered this program until after I changed the SU 2020 executable to “Run as Administrator.” I don’t think they are related, but I was trying to backtrack as to what had happened.

I haven’t been able to find the Installer program, or do you mean the SU 2020 installer program?

You shouldn’t need to do this IF you right click on the downloaded installer and choose run as administrator.

I would follow the steps I outlined earlier, then do a cold reboot of the computer.

Yes. I mean the installer. The file you downloaded from It’s probably still in your Downloads folder. If not, go to and download it again.

Ah. You mean “SketchUpPro-2020-1-229-63.exe” that now resides in my Downloaded Apps folder.

(Forgot to press “Send.”)

In the meantime, I found and ran the Installer, chose the Repair, and now I’ll re-launch SU and see what happens.

As always, thanks for your help. I’ll keep you posted.


PS: I tend not to watch the SU videos unless you’re in the Chat list.

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I did encounter this one more time after re-installing, but it wasn’t quite as tenacious, so I haven’t been hindered by it. The squeaky wheel got the grease.

BTW, why was it recommended to always run SU as an administrator, not just this time when I was reinstalling it? It appears to trigger the Windows “User Account Control” window every time I start it.

It is NOT recommended to run SketchUp.exe as administrator.
It might mask issues resulting from having installed the Installer’s exe file incorrectly, in the first place - i.e. not having used the context-menu “Run as administrator” - then with Install or Repair as appropriate.

If you [ill-advisedly] choose to always run SketchUp.exe as administrator it will cause other subtle issues - e.g. permission prompts pop up, or the drag-n-drop of image files into the SketchUp window will no longer work because Windows-Explorer runs at a base-level permissions, and then you’d be trying to affect something running at a higher permission level - i.e. SketchUp !

FWIW, I only said to install SketchUp using Run as administrator. I did not say to launch SketchUp that way.

It’s unusual for you to see that file name, unless you get prerelease builds. The file that you download from the download all page should be named SketchUpPro-2020-1.exe. It is the same build, it just seems odd that you have one named SketchUpPro-2020-1-229-63.exe.

Well, … somebody (not Dave) in one of the previous threads on the forum recommended “… always ‘Run as administrator.’” I will try to track down exactly where. It was NOT Dave; he only recommended running the installer as an administrator. I will check through my past forum contacts/topics and see if I can find out where. Regardless, I am no longer running the main executable as an administrator.

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Tis not my place to wonder why. I have no idea, but I did nothing unusual or untoward. I downloaded the file from the Trimble pages after seeing in my SU that there was a newer release.

Sorry, if I put a bee in someone’s bonnet.

It doesn’t matter at all, and it is possible that the friendlier name was added after you had downloaded the file.