Windows 11 update

Hi Folks, my first post here. I updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 today. Now Im having problems with sketchup and layout. The standard 2d scenes dont show up on the screen unless Iorbit a little bit, then they appear. When I export these scenes to layout, the images only show up in wire frame. I tried updating the styles etc but it didnt work. Any suggestions? Should I revert to Windows 10 or is there some tweeking I need to do? These darwings worked perfectly on Windows 10. Im using SU 2022 by the way.

Cheers. BTW, Im still a frothy mouthed SU fan though :slight_smile:

First thing I would be doing is checking/updating the graphic card driver directly from Nvidia.


Thanks, Box. I tried that, I think it helped. I also updated the “choose driver” settings in the windows and Nvidea thingies. However, the core issue is still present, that is SU models/LO documents created in W10 wont display properly in W11. But if when working in W11, I create a new scene in the old SU model and insert it into the old LO document it displays perfectly. But updating old scenes/view ports doesnt work. Frustrating.

The was an issue with a change between 2021 and 2022 that resulted in some unexpected results when opening a 2022 layout file with 2023.
Could it be that rather than W10 and W11?

It seems like that is what’s happening. Can you direct me to a solution for that? Much appreciated.

See if this thread is useful.

Thanks Box, you’re a legend. That Ruby script thing worked. Much appreciated!

Glad it helped.