Similar white screens in Scenes

I have read the post about the white screens in scenes. I have now two models in the latest 2022 version have the same thing happen. Similar situation that there are only a few select scenes that decide not to work. I agree to delete the scene and recreate it does make it possible to continue but its always the layout side that requires the greater work. I would love to have a refresh on the SKP scene side and done. Thanks in advance guys
D.Brown SJ - NB - Canada

You should be able to update the scenes and make it work.

No that didn’t work… right click - Update scene and nothing… Its like the model doesn’t exist at all in that scene.

I am going to try a restart and purge upon open. One model that I had this happen to healed itself so I want to see if I can provide feedback there. D…

Might help to share the .skp file or better the LayOut file that uses the SketchUp file.

sure i can share both… forgive that they are still in creation. !!
Sahul Main.skp (667.8 KB)
Sahul Lay.layout (9.0 MB)

I will still see if I can heel it. this model only the “Foundation” Scene is having the issues. Thanks Dave!!

It’s kind of no wonder that the Foundation viewport shows up blank. The active section cut is #2 and it is below the model. I made Section cut 5 the active one and updated the scene. Then I saved the changes and updated the reference.

well holey snapper… why on earth did that seem like other worldly issues… hmmm…

OK great… I will look for randomly moved section cuts as I ALMOST did that once already tonight (again) REST assured its operator error here but when I get stuck from moving forward I reach out for answers… Thanks a bunch… I have another issue that I will post for Layout… two identical view ports, on the same 11x17 sheet, with dimensions off by 7/8" …

thanks for this one.!!!

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