SketchUp Blank Screen

While working on my file it went blank, was not able to see anything but able to click on tools… nothing happens. All my other files are ok but this one.
-using pro 2021
-I did not have a scene created
-zoom extend, did not work
-purge tag/components all still in model
-tried using other styles, no change background still white
-copy into a new file no change, all tags seemed to move over correctly though
-remove 'fast feedback- no change
-computer system: Window10 /NVIDIA GEFORCE MX150/ INTEL(R) UHD graphic 620
-unable to upload file

Any suggestions, please!!!
Need your help !!! :sob:

Can you upload the model?

I edited the topic title slightly FYI.

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Trying to, giving me an error after 6%
Trying to load screenshots instead

Probably too large. Can you share it at or ?

working on it

No problem, tyt

Try switching the camera to perspective (if it is currently in parallel projection), then Zoom Extents.

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Tried… did not work

Having a look now.

Used the Rescue tool, it’s taking its time.

Another diagnostic step: use the Select All function and see if the Entity Info shows that some entities are selected. If nothing is listed as selected, the model space is empty. However, The fact that the screen capture shows no visible axes makes me think that the camera has gotten wonky (technical term).

Fixed. Will upload.

I purged unused components. Opened the Outliner and zoomed to the first component I could find.

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Wow!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH !!! All good now.

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:smiley: If it happens again you know what to do. If that doesnt work install this extension and run that. Hopefully all will stay well :smiley:
sw_RescueMyModel.rbz (2.9 KB)

I was just about to ask about the rescue tool , could not find much about it … THANKS A MILLION!!

:smiley: Not a problem.

Thank you for helping as well , all good now . See solution.

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