Why won't my window stick to a vertical surface


4 over 1 Picture.skp (76.2 KB)



It does stick to a vertical surface but because the axes are oriented incorrectly, it doesn’t go in the way you really want.

Simple fix. Open the component for editing and rotate the geometry so the window is laying down.

Then it’ll go in right.



Thank you so much. Is there a way to pay you for all your great help? Thank you doesn’t feel like enough.

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I’m glad that helped.

You don’t have to pay me but if you’d like, make a donation to your local non-euthanizing animal shelter. Or go there and walk some dogs. :wink:

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Will do. My results don’t look like yours. How have I failed this time?Pictue window in box.skp (411.3 KB)



We rescued the 2 dogs on the left 8 years ago. They have since pasted but we love dogs.

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Very nice collection. We always get used dogs, too. :smiley: Mine is pestering me for a walk. I’ll look at your model when I get back.



We still have Ruby! She’s 11 years old.

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I’ve re-built the window and tried it again. It sticks to vertical surfaces but won’t cut.window won’t cut.skp (509.9 KB)



Pull a fresh one from the component browser.

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Boom! Thank you!



Just back from the walk but I see Box has you sorted.



Yes, I don’t understand it but I will remember it!



I’m still struggling with this. I remade the window and once I did, I lost the ability to import it into another file and have it cut, even when I use a clean copy. I also cant get it to stick to the sides or back of my box. Ugh.

Windows in a box.skp (459.3 KB)



I’m just waiting for a student in an online session but when I get done, I’ll see if I can make you a tutorial or something with your window.



You’ve got the axis set wrong. Try again and set it to the follow the direction of the glass in the window.
I’ve also notice you don’t have it set to cut opening and it is double wrapped.
I’ll leave this to @DaveR when he get a moment as he’s been working with you already.



Let’s see if this helps. The first thing to consider is that it’s probably easiest to make components that will have gluing properties with them laying on the ground plane such that their gluing direction is aligned with the ground. You can also make with the correct axis alignment if you build them on a face, too. Assuming you were going to make the component in a separate file, drawing it on the ground plane avoids the need to draw temporary geometry.

So here I’ve drawn a window similar to yours. I made it so the glass has thickness to avoid any exposed back faces. This could be important if you are going to do any rendering with inside views.

Select all of the geometry, G to Create Component. Set the gluing and hole cutting properties. Notice how the component axis appears. The blue X and gray plane are clues that you’ve chosen gluing.

Before hit Enter or clicking on Create, click on Set Component Axes. Then move the component axes up a little. I placed it at the midpoint of the thickness of the window frame. Remember that the origin is the insertion point for the component. If you knew where the center line of the window is to be instead of the corner, you would want to set the origin along the center line of the component instead of at the corner. That makes insertion much easier.

After placing the component axes, the Create Component panel will appear again and you can hit Enter or Create Component.

When you open the component for editing, you can see how the axes are arranged.

Test it to see that it cuts the opening as you expect.

Remember to ave your component in your local Window collection for later use.



We’re travelling today but will attempt tonight. Thank you .

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Well I followed your excellent instructions on my window to make it a component. Then I made a box in the same file. The component performed as advertised.