Wallpaper on wall also coming on window glass

Hi the walls are in a separate group, windows are components and grouped together. i imported thewallpaper image and scaled it. I have 2 doubts. First- why is the wallpaper getting pasted on the windows glass. Second- is there a way to move parts of the wallpaper to make the lines of the wallpaper image align. Appreciate any advice. tks

First, the windows are not cutting a hole in the wall. Either they are not quite on the wall surface, or the wall is in a group or component and the windows are placed on the group and not on the face inside it.
Second, if the wall is a single face, your wallpaper texture is not seamless as the lines that should be continuous do not match up. Part of the wallpaper pattern is missing.

practice 2.skp (290.4 KB)

Could i trouble u to take a look at the file i have attached. i think my error is probably as described by u. How do i fix that ?

Anssi is correct. There are no holes in the wall in way of the windows. Look at the other side of the wall.

Oh i see-so i should hv punched holes in the walls and then made the windows. Sorry I thought by making a rectangle the finish inside the windows would change. tku so much Ansi and Dave

Well, your windows are components and not part of the wall geometry so no, that wouldn’t happen.

If you edited the wall group and drew the window on the wall, you could then use a different material inside the shape than outside the shape.

Here I’ve cut openings in the wall in line with the windows. I also edited the windows to make the glass area transparent. You can see the model axis lines through the windows now.

You have a little bit of incorrect tag usage. I fixed that and purged unused stuff from your model. A few materials mostly.
Screenshot - 10_16_2021 , 3_30_24 PM

practice 2.skp (286.5 KB)