Create windows, can't duplicate last week's work


Last week I create windows in walls and it worked perfectly. I even made a series of 30 second animated GIFs to show what I did. I uploaded them to a password protected web page.

Today I tried to duplicate my work. I tried from scratch several times and it just will not work.

Watch the attached very short GIF and please try to tell me what I did wrong.


Make 12 windows.skp (184.8 KB)
Cannot Push first Window 2

It’s the same thing as before. Your window rectangle is not part of the geometry of the wall. It’s outside the geometry.

Why are you even bothering to make a component of the rectangle. There’s no need for that. Open the groups encompassing the wall until you can select its face. Then draw the rectangle and copy it to make the others and then use Push/Pull to make the openings.

You’ll know that the rectangle is drawn on and divides the face by the fact that the edges will be thin and not the heavy profile edges.