Why do my windows not show up

hello there,

Maybe can help me, I create a window (to do that I edit the wall group in the one I want to create the window). so far so good, the window is created. the mess starts as soon as I copy it. I copy it by moving it and pressing the alt (option) key at the same time, I also lock the red axis so I don’t sink it into the wall. But in the end all I can see is a rectanle without, not the proper window. but if I change the view sometimes I can see it, so it seems it’s there just not showing in all views which is very strange.

I hope I described it kind of clear. If anyone could help would be very appreciated!


Your description is fine but a picture paints a thousand words. In other words, upload your file.

you’re totally right , didn’t see where to uploads pic before but here you go

I think you might have to upload the SU file itself.

okay if that helps

Schwanen aktuell.skp (1.1 MB)

OK, so you have a number of odd things going on. As you can see from this image below, you have one instance of the window attached to bits of wall. That window also has two instances on top of each other (which is why you still see one in the wall). The window on the left is simply overlaying the wall with no opening behind it. You can see that because of the Z fighting that is going on (part white part blue because there is a surface on a surface).

Screenshot 2020-01-24 at 13.11.25

Another thing is that your end wall is a different thickness from the wall with the steps on it so you can’t simply copy and paste without adjusting the reveal depths.

okay thank you I see, but the right way to create the window in the first place is to edit the wall group and then when created create a component? Like I don’t know how to avoid that it attaches to the wall…
thank you very much for your help!

I don’t know if there is a “right way”. It all depends on how you work. For example, you have created a two dimensional window in a 3D drawing so it has no thickness. Windows are often components that get used on job after job, so you might actually start by making a library of windows.

The way to stop things sticking together is to group them. You have done that but included things in wrong groups.

In a situation like this, I normally start by making the walls with no perforations. Then I decide where to make openings by drawing a rectangle of appropriate size and using Push/Pull to create the opening. Then I populate the holes with window components. You have made life more difficult by having splayed reveals but you can simply select the four lines forming the internal outline of your opening and use Scale to move them out together. Alternatively, if all your openings are the same size, you could copy and paste the reveals and then delete the remaining wall faces.

Looks like you copied the window over but you didn’t copy the holes in the faces of the wall.

Copy the perimeter of the openings and delete the faces inside. Then you have some place to put the window.
Screenshot - 1_24_2020 , 7_29_38 AM

okay yes I guess I messed it up with the groups, I will try to fix it :slight_smile:
thanks again for taking time to help

thank you! i will try that as well