What to do when sketchup freezes and never come back?

Is there a difference between closing by the window of the sketchup or closing by the Windows Task Manager? Which one try to save it before it closes?

What is the indication that SketchUp has frozen?

when using heavy models in enscape

Best approach would be to do a manual save before doing any kind of rendering.
Both options should pop up the panel ‘Do you want to save’ but when a renderer is taking up the memory resources and you want to save, you’re kind of stuck…

the enscape is a real time render

I just wish that it could save when it freezes…my autosave is only from 5 to 5 minutes because it takes a while to save it, but I wish I could put from 1 to 1 minutes…because Iam tired of loosing things Ive done

That’s probably causing the freezes, if you asked me.
Yes, Enscape is a realtime renderer, even more important to do your saves manually before starting another videopath etc.

When I say freeze I mean: Not responding

What number should I choose? 15?

None. Take control and hit Ctrl S

That doesn’t mean SketchUp has quit working. That message indicates that Sketchup is busy doing what you told it to do and it won’t respond to further commands until it is finished. It’s like when my kid says, “Leave me alone! I’m mowing the lawn like you asked me to do.”

no way, I will always forget

haha yes but sometimes it can stay a day. I have a good pc, 32gb ram, rtx2070, AMD rayzen 9…I wish sketchup could be stronger

This isn’t a case of SketchUp needing to be “stronger”, though.

Since it’s Enscape holding things up, maybe you should use a different renderer or at least skip the real time rendering.

Then, set it to 15 and you might notice if it happens less often…

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Yes, going to do that and always gonna try to remember to Ctrl S

I have a impression that when sketchup was from Google it was better…even the warehouse was faster

the backup file is the autosave file right? or what is the difference?

I can guarantee you that’s not the case.

No, when you start a new file, you need to manually save it. After it has been given a name, each manually save ( not autosave!) stores a copy or backup file of the state it was before the made changes ( eg. the state of the model when it was last saved)

Autosave keeps track of changes in the model in a temporary folder in the local appdata of the user, when something goes wrong it would popup as a ‘recovered file’ upon opening SketchUp again.
When a manual save did go right, it gets deleted.

Manual saving is by far the best option to deal with ‘loosing work’

Autosave in SketchUp isn’t the same as in Word or Excel…