Sketchup freezing upon save command

Sketchup 2017 freezes upon trying to save a file. I let it run for over an hour, then tried to ctrl/alt/ delete to task manager and that would not shut the application down. Exing out of the file did not work either. Required a hard shut down just to get out of Sketchup. This is occurring repeatedly. Saving is extremely slow in other files than the one that is causing the problem but eventually works. This is in a file that worked fine on Dec. 29, 2020 and began upon opening and working on December 30, 2020. This is a 106mb file. At first I wondered if there was a conflict with an automatic Windows Update. I work in Windows 10 in both 2017 and 2019 pro. This is occurring in 2017. I tried copy pasting the file contents into a new file and the problem persisted, though I did not change the file name.

Where are you trying to save the file too? An internal drive?

Have you tried purging unused stuff from the file?

I am trying to save it a network folder where it was already saved. I did try to save to a different folder location just for a variable. Yes, I did purge the file. The file opens normally but on saving, and now I am seeing upon making changes it freezes up . The freeze while working seemed to occur at the likely autosave time. I have copied and pasted the contents into a new file and the problem persists. Currently I am trying this again and renaming the file rather than replacing it and it is locked up. I will let it process for a while to see if it can complete the save.

I should mention that the problem occurs on both a desktop station and a gaming laptop with extremely robust graphic capabilities in the same fashion. So it seems unlikely it is any kind of hardware issue.

Try saving it locally to your internal drive. Does it still take a long time?

The fact that it is happening on two different machines would imply to me that it’s something both machines have in common. That is likely hardware or the connection to the network drive.

Is this network drive in your local network or is it a cloud-based drive?

It is a local network with direct cable connections to both the laptop and desktop. I will try to save onto the hard drive on each and see if that makes it any better. I can save other files on both devices so I suspect it might be some kind of problem with the file. Though, saving other files is also inordinately slow.

So-When I dragged it onto my desktop then saved as a new file name it did it normally. We will check to see if it is a network problem. Thanks for your help.

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