Saving SketchUp 2017 file causes Window Explorer Crash

I can’t seem to track down what is causing this. It happens with some models and not others. I am saving to a network drive, which may be part of it. As far as I can tell there are no other programs causing this issue. This was happening before and after the recent update (17.2.2555). I searched around in the forum, but didn’t see any other posts that matched this issue (others are during open/file selection, not during save).

I am using SketchUp Pro 2017 on a Windows 7 Professional:

Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
XPS 8900, Intel Core i7-6700, 3.40 Ghz
8.00 GB Ram
NVIDIA Quadro M4000 graphics card

Other than by you trying it, I can’t promise this is the solution. But try saving to a local drive first and then copying from there to the network drive. For reasons I have never seen thoroughly or clearly explained, SketchUp seems to be more sensitive than most apps to small glitches in access to networked or remote drives.

I definitely think that it is an issue with the network drive, but that workaround would create a decent hiccup in my workflow. As of right now I can’t even seem to replicate the issue in the same model (i.e. save once and explorer crashes, close out and save again without issue…)

That behavior reinforces the idea that it is network drive issues. I would expect them to be somewhat random seeming because they depend on unpredictable things such as network traffic, server load, time since last access, drive sleep, and others.