Sketchup causing computer to crash; probably to do with saving to google drive

I am a long time user of Sketchup, although I haven’t been using it a whole lot lately. I have noticed however that the few times I have used it over the past few weeks, my computer has crashed after waking up from sleep mode when Sketchup had been open. I suspect it may have to do with saving files to a synced google drive location on my computer in which backup files are not being handled correctly in the time the computer gives Sketchup before it goes into sleep mode, then when the computer wakes up, I think there is some problem either with Sketchup or with Google Drive that is causing my computer to restart after it closes all programs.

I wonder if anyone else can reproduce this issue or if it has been observed by anyone else prior to this bug report; I didn’t find anything after a quick search…

I have seen frequent recommendations on this forum to have SketchUp save to a local drive. THEN, and only after the save and autosaves have finished, copy to Google drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage.

I have been saving to Dropbox for the last year without any problem. However I’ve disabled autosave to get rid of the distracting lag every few minutes while I’m trying to draw. Also I think autosave has caused issues along with some plugins using observers but maybe that was in older SU versions.

Turning off autosave sounds like a good idea for something for me to test in order to determine with certainty if it has to do with autosave… I’ll report back with the results after trying that out for a while. Thanks, Damian

If doing so, make sure you manually save at least as frequently. My recommendation is to make a habit of pressing Ctrl+S every time you look away from the computer screen, e.g. to talk to someone, take notes, sketch, read notes, use the bathroom, pick your nose etc.

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