Sketchup crashing for no apparent reason. only with model present

Sketchup crashing for no apparent reason. only with model present in the file. i tried it with a blank file an it wouldn’t do it. but any model i open it says Sketchup has encountered an error an needs to close.

I’m using Sketchup Pro 2017. its not a bug splat and its not because of autosave i think because it happens minutes after the last autosave. All of my plugins are compatible and any that arent are temporarily disabled.

Ive repaired sketchup and relicenced it. is there any logs i can collect to submit?

Your profile doesn’t say what OS you’re using, is it Mac or Windows? If it’s Windows, is your Temp folder clean? Did you try executing the program with administrator privileges? Last resort would be complete clean reinstall of the software.

Sorry Windows 10 Creators edition. intel core i5 6gb ram hp 360.
the problem only has been doing it for today only.
Has been working flawlessly for months now.

If i do a clean reinstall of the software how do i restore all of my plugins without going thru hell?

This most likely means that your machine updated something, which caused the malfunctioning. Windows 10 Creators Edition is known to have problems operating SketchUp. Any chance you only recently updated to the CE?

Good question. Unfortunately, there is no way around this little snag. 2017 has a slight advantage as you have the Extensions Manager, which makes installing/uninstalling of plugins easier. But that’s just it.

There IS something experimental you could try though. I don’t give guarantees, as I’ve never done it. The gurus will know for sure. You could basically copy the installed files and folders from your Plugins location to a temporary place, reinstall SketchUp and put back the copied files, perhaps?

I have been using the creators update on all of my computers and havent had any issues until today. with my laptop. im suspecting it may be a onedrive issue but its like its got a timed crash sequence. like after 15 mins approximatley it just must quit!!!

Where are you saving files, to? Where is Autosave setup to save files?

Were there any changes to Windows overnight? Maybe some new update was pushed?

When you installed SketchUp, did you use Run as administrator?

I save/file all of my drawings to OneDrive. been using since 01/2016. autosave saves to source file folder. i tried turning off backup.

No the pc was sleeping, i restarted to no success.

I didnt see the Run As Admin option when installed but i have made the executable run with admin and made no diff.

This would imply that SketchUp is not installed correctly. Many users who haven’t installed it correctly have reported strange things. Find the downloaded installer, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then choose the Repair option.

What happens if you move some files from One Drive to your local drive and work with them from there? Does SketchUp still crash? The general wisdom is to save files locally and sync them to external locations (The Cloud) outside of SketchUp.

ok so i tried reinstalling Sketchup and had no success. but then i tried CCleaner and did a regisrty repair and restarted and so far i’ve had no issues.

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