Sketchup "freezes" while saving automatic backups on a slow network share

I logged into this forum just to report this problem:
I am using sketchup to design my new kitchen (I am a professional software engeeneer and an hobbist woodworker).
Well, since I work from my laptop and from my desktop, I decided to save the project on my home NAS.

When I am working from my laptop (using a wireless connection) Sketchup freezes periodically for 5-10 seconds periodically without any reason.

I am assuming this happens because it is saving the automatic backup of the current project (which is a very small file, trust me). this does not happen on my desktop who has a wired network connection.

Now, If this is caused by the slow wifi connection, couldn’t you address this issue by saving the automatic backups in the temporary folder of the local machine? (and maybe let a background process copy the backup on the remote working directory without interfering with the main designer gui thread?)

Thank you and have a nice day,
Carlo Sirna

If it’s a very small file, you can disable the autosave function.

When an abnormal exit occurs, the Auto-Save file is saved in the directory where the original .skp file exists.
The Backup file (.skb) is saved in the directory where the original .skp file exists.

Best Practice …
• Open SU file from local disc.
• Save SU file to local disc.
Then, move or copy the saved file to external storage.

Given a WIFI connection can easily be interrupted, there exists the potential to lose stuff. YMMV