Lags, freezes, unresponsive for a moment

hi there,

i have some sort of a strange problem with some models, although not all…

sketchup freezes somwhat frequent, not every 10 sec or so and not related to some specific action, but its there and very annoying because the freeze is like 4-5 seconds … it makes working impossible and very frustrating

is there anyway to explore whats going on behind the scenes? i mean maybe its a specific extension or component etc…

how should i go forward to identify the problem?

since it does not happen with new models i dont thinkg its hardware or system related … i guess i must be a bad component or maybe a plugin that creates the problem, but how do i find out?!

thanks for any help, best franz

Do you have Autosave turned on? If your model is large, this could cause it.

… autosave is off, so is the autocheck for problems

Do you have the Outliner open ?
(You should have it in it’s own tray, autohidden into a margin so that it is visible only when in use.)

Do you have any of the inspector panels open with thumbnail icons on ?
(These should be set to List view, and only have thumbnail icons shown when you actually need to see the thumbnails. When done switch them back to list view.)

Purge the model of unused resources often.

Switch off all extensions except those you use regularly. You could do a binary test. (Switch off half, see if there is any change. If not switch that half back on, and the other half off. When you narrow the field to the part that has a problem, you repeat the halving, repeatedly narrowing the field till you find the culprit.)


hey dan,

i have used sketchucation plugin to disable all plugins and extensions and yes, the problem is gone…
now need to find the problematic plugin or combination… if so… i will post it here :slight_smile:

best, franz